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Welcome to Satta King Club! We want to help you find the best online betting sites in India. Over the past three years, we have placed a lot of bets on many sports and have looked at Indian betting sites. We compare all the top betting sites in India, including fast withdrawals and cricket odds.

If you want good Indian betting sites, you are in the right place! Here you will find all the betting sites that offer instant withdrawals. Which is licensed. The best thing is that you can easily register on them through your Android mobile at your home. After login, you can start playing by placing bets on the game of your choice.


Putting in the research for online betting in India can take a lot of time, especially if you’re new to it. The most important things to consider when comparing the best online betting sites in India are:

A gambling regulator licenses the betting website.

There is no Indian presence on the site.

Paytm is a local payment method that accepts INR payments.

You won’t have to spend hours researching the best betting sites in India because we recommend only those that meet these requirements.

Below are our 3 favorite betting sites in India for 2024! As well as being excellent for online cricket betting, these 3 websites are also excellent for betting on a variety of other sports. The odds and betting markets are unbeatable compared to other sites.


Our three favorite online betting sites for Indians are:

Satsport                                                           Parimatch                                                                10CRIC

It’s the best betting site in India!         WORLD’S SAFEST Betting Site!                         THE MOST POPULAR INDIA BETTING SITE

The site offers great odds and a huge selection of cricket series and leagues to bet on. It’s the best betting site in India!

The international standards in place make Betway one of the safest betting sites in India.

There are some of the best odds on cricket at Parimatch, a relatively new online betting site to India. In fact, they have some of the best odds on the winner market!

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The process of online betting in India is extremely simple! Learn how to bet online in less than 10 seconds. You can do it by following these steps:

Choosing a trustworthy betting site

Visit the website to sign up

UPI deposits

Place a bet on your favorite sport

Make money and withdraw it!


Collectively, we’ve been betting online for almost 20 years.  Several years ago, we started separate fantasy leagues – betting on some of those crappy online fantasy sites (you know which ones we’re talking about).

Our company has also worked in the betting industry for many years. We were able to bet on what and where we wanted to bet, which gave us a competitive edge. As we realized we were calling a lot of winning bets, we decided to share our success with all of India.


Betting online has been around as long as the internet itself in countries like the UK, Ireland, and Malta.

Online betting opened up a whole new world for betting companies and their customers.

Instead of having to make their way to a betting shop or brick-and-mortar casino, customers could gamble wherever they wanted as long as they had an account, access to the internet, and money to wager.


It is possible to bet 24 hours a day at casinos and poker rooms. As long as there are other players available to play, they can play Poker.

In sports, there’s always a match going on somewhere in the world, whether it’s a football match, tennis match, or cricket match.

The first advantage of online betting is represented by a tick



Games involving India and Indian teams may take place during the day and evening, Indian time, but games between Australia and New Zealand will take place early in the morning.

Any online betting site has something going on and something to bet on all the time.

The second advantage of online betting is represented by a tick


If online betting sites do not act in a fair, responsible, and legal manner, they may lose their license and be unable to operate.

Consequently, any winnings owed to you from winning bets will be paid out to you as soon as possible.

The third advantage of online betting is represented by a tick


It is possible to bet on a variety of different things at the same site, rather than going to a bookmaker for sports betting and a casino for casino games. Most betting companies offer a multi-product offering.

Are you aware of this?

Liechtenstein was the first European country to offer an online betting site, not the UK. Their national lottery, not sports or casinos, was the winner. In 1994, this happened.


Even though Indians have a history of betting on cricket, online betting in India took a while to become popular, despite the widespread availability of the internet and the use of smartphones.

In India, most forms of gambling are banned by the Public Gambling Act of 1867, which was written before the internet existed and did not cover online betting.

Online betting in India is a bit unclear, but in recent years, both Indian and non-Indian betting companies have welcomed Indian customers. It’s not exactly ‘legal’, but it’s not illegal to let Indian customers open online accounts.

Some people argue that online betting is a better option than illegal Indian bookmaking because it helps prevent crime, corruption, and money laundering.

Likewise, any online betting site that accepts Indian customers must pay tax to the Indian government, which is a valuable revenue stream.


Online betting is safe, right?

Yes, of course! You can trust it 100%. There are licenses and regulations for all the major operators. The result is a safe, anonymous, and secure way to bet online.

Which is the best sports betting website for beginners?

10CRIC is the best site for newcomers, according to my experience. The service is easy to use and sign-up for, and the customer support is excellent. Online betting is also great here!

Is there a limit to the number of betting sites I can use?

No, not at all. Become a member of as many as you can! You will always be able to find the best odds this way.

Is it possible to make money betting online?

Focus and discipline are required – it’s very possible. The development of betting skills and bankroll management can take months or even years.

That’s a great question! In a nutshell, it depends. Technically, online betting is not illegal. Online betting is not specifically mentioned in the Public Gaming Act of 1867 – for obvious reasons! Hence, it is a loophole that makes it legal.

It is legal to operate a website outside of India, however. This is why there are so many offshore legal sites for online betting in India.

But if you live in Sikkim, you’re in luck. Online betting is completely legal and regulated in this state. Heroes for the cause!


Online gambling is legal in different states of India. As a result, each state is free to regulate gambling as it sees fit, or to follow the Public Gambling Act of 1867. Self-governance has been chosen by many states, however. Below are the legalities of online betting in the top 5 states for Bet India visitors:

Under the Telangana Gaming Act 2017, all forms of gambling are illegal in Telangana.

Under the Karnataka Police Act of 1963, playing games of chance is illegal both online and offline.

Several forms of gambling are legal in Maharashtra, including horse racing and lotteries. There are gray areas when it comes to online betting.

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In Uttar Pradesh, betting houses and other forms of physical gambling are illegal. It’s perfectly fine to bet online!

The Andhra Pradesh Gaming (Amendment) Act, 2020 makes all forms of gambling illegal here.

There will be no prosecutions

Are you still concerned about India’s online betting laws? Online betting at legal betting sites outside India has never been prosecuted.


There is an element of skill involved when betting on horse races, which makes it legal throughout the country. Most states in India also allow online lotteries.


It can take a lot of research to find the best betting odds for online betting in India. The better the odds, the more money you’ll earn if you win at online sports betting.

Consider two different sites that offer betting odds on India to win against New Zealand in an ODI.

The odds they offer are as follows:

Odds on the website

Website 1       India to win    by 1.5

India to win 1.3 on Website 2

If you had $1000 to bet, what would you bet on?

To help you decide, here’s a simple formula:

Wins are calculated as (ODDS x STAKE) minus the stake

Winnings from Website 1

(1.5 x 1,000) – 1,000

Winnings from Website 2

In this case, (1.3 x 1,000) minus 1,000 x 300

Is it possible to see how lower betting odds can affect your wallet? It is precisely for this reason that you should always play at a sports betting site that offers great odds.

To get this right, it takes a lot of time. We’ve already done it for you to save you the effort and strain! When you win big on your bets, you’ll be able to thank us!


When reviewing a bookmaker, we consider several factors. If you are experienced, you’ll know that online betting in India is basically the same across all of the top betting sites, so it can be a matter of preference.

It’s even hard to pick just one online betting site! Almost all of the websites reviewed here have accounts with us. It really depends on what suits you best.

Ultimately, it depends on your style of play. Before choosing an online betting site in India, consider these factors:

What sports would you like to bet on?
Do you think competitive odds are more important than other features?
Would you like to watch matches live?
Do you prefer betting on mobile devices or desktop computers?
Would you like to play casino games as well?
Bonuses and promotions interest you?

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a betting site.


It’s ultimately you who will enjoy the betting odds and the overall betting experience. As a result, we have decided not to include our personal opinions in the reviews.

Therefore, our online betting reviews focus primarily on practical aspects, especially those that can be measured easily.

Here are some bite-sized “factors of excellence” that you can use to your advantage!


Whenever we compare online betting sites in India, the first thing we look for is the availability of local payment options. Paytm and UPI are always ranked higher on betting sites that accept them.

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In addition, casual bettors prefer websites with low minimum deposits and withdrawals.


It’s a big one. If you win, you should be able to withdraw your winnings as soon as possible. Whenever possible, we rate the instant withdrawal betting sites higher than the slower ones.

You can also get down to enjoying your winnings much faster if the account verification process is easy to understand and quick to complete.


Online betting in India offers a wide variety of leagues and international games. There should always be more than the IPL and Indian Internationals on those sites that cater specifically to India. Websites like Pure Win, which offer odds on first-class competitions, such as the Ranji Trophy, are rated higher.

It would be even better if the sites also focused on domestic leagues like the Telangana T20 league and the Tamil Nadu Premier League.


There is nothing more important than having competitive odds when it comes to cricket games. When you win, you will get more money if the betting exchange and odds are good.

Whenever possible, we will only include online betting websites with the best odds. We usually provide cricket predictions from Betway and Parimatch because of this.

A customer service department is available to assist you

The customer service representatives of popular betting sites can tell you a lot about their services. Our goal is to find knowledgeable support agents who can speak English and Hindi fluently.

We rate companies that offer 24-hour customer service, fast response times, and a variety of contact methods, including live chat, email, and phone.


Online betting in India relies heavily on trust and safety. Especially when there are so many unlicensed and unsafe websites out there. A third-party gambling authority, such as Malta or Curaçao, must regulate and license the sites we review.

The legality, safety, and security of any licensed betting site can be guaranteed. No further action will be taken if it is not regulated by an appropriate license provider. Betting on it is simply not safe.

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Online betting promotions in India are mostly overlooked by players – but this should not be the case! Betting sites always offer a variety of promotions.

Sites with easy-to-understand promotions, or ones that are more efficient to claim, get a higher rating. You can get free bets at sites like Pure Win and Betway.


Lastly, the best betting sites go to great lengths to protect players from problem gambling through responsible gambling efforts. We at Bet India highly regard any site that provides self-exclusion tools or resources for gambling-related issues.

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