Cricket Betting 2024: The Complete Guide on Satta King Club

“Cricket Betting” refers to the practice of placing wagers on the outcome of cricket matches or events. It involves predicting the results of cricket games and placing bets on various outcomes such as the winner of a match, the number of runs scored, and other related factors.

Cricket betting is a popular activity among cricket fans and enthusiasts, and it often involves analyzing statistics, player performance, and other relevant information to make informed betting decisions.

How does cricket betting work?

Cricket betting involves placing wagers on various outcomes of cricket matches, such as the winner of the match, the number of runs scored, and other related factors. It works by allowing individuals to predict the results of cricket games and place bets on these outcomes.

Bettors analyze statistics, player performance, and other relevant information to make informed betting decisions. Different types of bets are available, including match result bets, over/under bets, and prop bets, offering a wide range of options for cricket enthusiasts to participate in betting activities.

Format of the game of cricket

The format of a cricket game typically consists of two teams taking turns to bat and bowl. The game is played in innings, with each team having the opportunity to bat and bowl. The team batting tries to score as many runs as possible, while the team bowling aims to restrict the opposition’s scoring.

The game is divided into overs, with each over consisting of six deliveries. The team with the highest total runs at the end of the game wins. Cricket betting involves predicting various outcomes within this format, such as the winner of the match, the top run-scorer, and other related factors.

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Cricket Betting 2023 only on Satta King Club

The IPL is one of the biggest cricket tournaments in the world. The first IPL tournament was played in 2007 (just after India’s first T20 World Cup victory over Pakistan).

The ICC T20 World Cup takes place every two years.

-Big Bash is the second most popular domestic season.

It was organized in June 1975 in England that the first One Day World Cup was held.

England and Australia play the Ashes in Test cricket.

The main channels are as follows:

There are several sports channels available, including Sonyliv, Channel9, PTV, Geo TV, and DSport.

The most popular gambling cities in the world are:

The percentage of Delhi is 27.45%

8.29% of Dubai

7.85% of Mumbai

4.90 % for London
Jaipur 4.81 percent
Hyderabad 4.56 percent
Bangalore 4.41 percent
Ahmedabad 3.54%
Indoors – 30.94%
Puné has a 3.02% share

Satta King Club Presents Cricket Betting 2023

What is the legal status of cricket betting?
Horse Racing, Rummy, Fantasy Cricket, and other games of skill are legal in India.
On the other hand, games of chance are illegal.
According to the Constitution of India, cricket is a game of chance, so betting on cricket is illegal.
Bangladesh & Pakistan also prohibit betting on cricket and other sports like football.
Cricket betting is legal in many other countries, such as the UK, Australia, and South Africa.
Perhaps you are wondering how to be safe when betting on cricket?
You can find the answer here…
Here are some tips on how to stay safe while betting on cricket:
When betting especially from Pakistan and India, here are a few quick tips to remember:-
Whenever possible, play online. You can use betway, 10cric, and 1xbet. These are the best websites. Opening, depositing, and withdrawing are the same on all three.

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It is very important not to use your bank account for betting purposes. You should use Nettler, Skrill, or Bitcoin for financial transactions.
Don’t use your personal account for betting purposes. You will get tagged if you do. Go to Facebook and create another account.

You will only need a few minutes to complete it.
You should never place a bet in public, in your locality, with your friends, with bookies, or offline.
Fantasy Cricket or DREAM11 apps are great for LEGAL betting.

In the case of South Africa winning the match, South Africa’s odds are 2.30. If South Africa won, you would receive 1000 X 2.30 = 2300.
Your stake is 1000 rupees, while your profit is 1300 rupees.
This will be similar to the odds of England 61-65 for desi odds.
In other words, if England wins by 1000 rs, you will make 650 rs in profit. (If your team loses, you lose 1000 rs.)
Because England will win the match, we consider England to be the favorite because betting on England will yield less profit.
This match is a Non-Favorite for South Africa as well.
How does Lagai Khai work?
As you can see from the above example, England 61-65 is the favorite or England 1.61 is the underdog (both odds are the same).
In other words, if you place a bet on England to win, you are backing England to win. (Or you can say England Lagaya.)
In contrast, if you place South Africa to win, then you are backing South Africa or laying England.
It’s important to note that Lagana means we are supporting our favorite team (England) while Khana means we are supporting our least favorite team (South Africa).

Cricket Betting 2023 Live Updates

Betting on cricket:
Making a profit before the match is over is what it means.
Assume that India is strong & the favorite in a match between India and Pakistan.
To start, I think India will win the match at 1.20, or you can say India is my favorite 20-22 P. Pakistan is batting first.
Is Pakistan likely to score good runs and come out as the favorite during the innings break?
Hence, you place your bet on Pakistan winning or Laid (Khao) India by 1 Peti at 20 P.
Your book will now look like this:-
A win for India would result in a loss of 20K
The profit would be 100k if Pakistan won.
However, we must hold off until the full match is played….

Trading comes into play here…
(Odds or Bhav) At Inn Break
Rate 20 P Pak Fav & Pakistan 350/2 (50 Over).
However, you still believe India will come back strong in this match.
You place another bet rather than wait for another innings…
Again, I laid Pakistan by one peti at 20 paisa (1 peti = 100K & P means Paisa).
According to this entry,
If Pakistan wins, 20K is lost
Profit of 100k if India wins
Two entries have been made in total.
In total, we are 80K in profit regardless of who wins. (Note: If the match is a draw or a tie, all entries will be nullified.)
How does a book set work?
The above example shows a book set with a profit of 80K on both sides. The book set and the book green are the same.

The loss cut is as follows:
Nill on one side and all profit on the other.
Place your bets here:
Betting on cricket can be done with friends, on online betting sites, on local exchanges, or with local bookies.
Bookies are people who take bets. Many of them are frauds on Telegram & Facebook. You can also refer to them as offline or local bookies.
The best online bookmaker for Indians is Betway & 10Cric, whereas the best online betting site for Bangladeshis is 1xbet.

The following are some of the best cricket betting sites:-
Local Cricket Exchange:
With the help of offline bookies, you can place an online bet.
Exchange of online currency

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The pros are:
Every work is done online

  1. A fixed rate or a good rate
  2. Watch and play matches
    Odds are higher than online betting sites
    There is also a fancy, toss & tie market available
  3. There is no need to verify
    The cons are:
    There may be a problem with the site.
    Issues with withdrawals
    There is a risk associated with withdrawing money.
  4. There are not too many markets available.
    Refills and withdrawals require contact with a third party.
  5. Not all cricket matches have odds.
    Bets that are unmatched
    No advance bets (we have to wait until the match starts.)
  6. Bets are delayed by 5 seconds.
    An ID dealer (or offline bookies such as Mahadev Book, Jai Online Solution, etc.) will give you the login details for your cricket exchange ID.
    Example of a cricket exchange:
    All exchanges have 99% of the same features.
    You can watch all matches live on some exchanges.
    There are two types of exchange. Exchanges on a local level (such as Skyinplay and Lotus), and exchanges on a global level (such as Betfair, matchbook, 4rabet, etc.)
    The difference between exchanges and bookmakers
    As an exchange, you place bets against other punters.

Bets are placed against big bookmakers & their companies on bookmakers’ sites.
Are bookmakers restricting or banning betting accounts for a reason?
Your online betting account may be banned for several reasons:-
The promotion bonus is being abused by you.
You have entered the wrong password when trying to log in.
Multiple accounts are being opened from the same IP address.
Your betting account has not been verified.
Here is what Skrill/ Neteller is:
Online gambling wallets are these.
Paytm, for example, is an Indian e-wallet that cannot be used for gambling.
Same here, Skrill, Nettler, and Jeton are gambling e-wallets. We use them to deposit and withdraw money from bookmakers.
Please note that you must verify your account before placing your first bet on online betting sites.
For verification, you can use a DL, a bank statement, an ID (Pan Card, Passport), an Aadhar Card, or a Voter Card. Documents must be scanned.
The cricket lines are as follows:
Compared to TV, Cricket Lines updates rates and scores much faster.
Lines come in many types:-
Lines for Tota/Dabba/Phone
Lines for Telegram and Whatsapp
Line for apps/websites
Here are some famous Telegram cricket lines:
Punters are on profit when there is a market load.
Take a look at this image:-
If England won the toss, then Bookies are in profit. If South Africa won the toss, then punters are in profit.
As a result, South Africa is under load.

There will be a first T20 between South Africa vs England on 10 FEB 2020. South Africa won the toss in this match.
You understand that load does not matter when it comes to outcomes, but many people believe that the result always favors the bookies.
In this screenshot, you can see that bookies are at a loss on both outcomes of Australia vs NZ 1st One Day on 13 March 2020.
I have found that this isn’t true. (It isn’t totally false either.)
Betting markets for cricket
The odds are 80-82 in favor of India.
There are 6 overs, 10 overs, 15 overs, and 20 overs in T20, or 10,20,30,35,40 & 50 overs in ODI.
For T20 and ODI, the last session of the first innings is 20 overs.
The top batsman is the one who scores the most runs in the innings.
The top bowler is the one who will take the most wickets.
Nekraj Cricket Predictions:- Who will win the toss (both 97 and 95)?
Winner of the tournament outright
This wager requires you to pick a team from those involved in the tournament. Your sportsbook will present a list containing the names of all the teams. Your job is to choose the team that will win the tournament.
Tips for session cricket betting
7 out of 10 times, the open session will not take place if the first ball goes for 4.
(Such matches will also be high scoring.) If the first ball goes wide, then the open session will happen.
Most session NOTs are made by big players like Gayle and Finch.
Take your entry after 5 runs plus/minus in the session. Don’t bet on the Opening Session.
It is got down (not) if for the last 3 overs, the session runs are 20 (For T20 matches).
Play sessions in brackets (12 runs bracket in T20 and 20 runs bracket in One Day).
It is never a good idea to play chor (unnatural) sessions, such as 8 over 9, etc.

We cover average scores of 06, 10, 15 & 20 overs in our match predictions post.
A single entry should always be taken in a single session.
Don’t invest more than 10% of your limit in one session.
Apps for Fantasy Cricket (Legal)
We select our best playing XI and join leagues in Fantasy Cricket Betting apps like Dream11, My Fab 11, Halaplay, etc. There are mainly 3 types of leagues.
There are 3 to 10 members in a small league.
League with two members (2 member league)
In a Grand League, there is a lower entry fee and fewer chances of winning.
Profits earned by bookies
(Like on rate difference) The bookie earns profit on commission.
Let’s say I prefer India in the India vs Australia match.
The rate is 60-62 P for India.
The 2 P (2%) represents the bookie’s profit per 100 INR.
A bookie will earn 2% of 1 lakh bets (2000) if he receives a total of 1 lakh wagers.
Odds are determined as follows:-
There are several factors to consider, such as Team Strength, Players, Ground, Toss, and Home/Away.
A One Day match between India and Australia will be favored by about 50 to 60 points in India.
Nonetheless, if the same match were played in Australia, Australia would be the favorite by about 80 to 90 points.
In the same way, if Virat Kohli is not playing, then the rate will be in favor of the opposing team.
Signs of Cricket Fixing:
Flashing signs include towels, helmets, bats, and scoreboards.
The bowler showing signs of a high-scoring over means he is in for a high-scoring over.
Whenever the captain bites his nails, his team wins (the opposite team loses.)

Cricket Tipster Fake Signs

Bookies, punters, and tippers are all fake in cricket betting.

They take your money and make you lose. Some will block you too.

Fake tippers don’t have real profile pictures. Such players usually participate in IPL or T20 world cup tournaments.

Usually They don’t enable the “Comments System” on his website to hide their reality.

As a result, some people do not want their fakers to appear on their sites, so they do not want them to leave a comment. It is very simple; they loot punters through their fake screenshots, and they do not have any quality tips.

Fixer/Tipper/predictor –

It is not uncommon to find people on Facebook with names like tipper, fixer or predictor, cricket, gambler, guru, boss, Badshah, baap, cricket match predictions, or animal names. All of them are fake.

Real tippers use their name. They make their name brands.

Some common names – Spider tipper, lion tipper, Dolphin predicator, tippers baap, guru gamblerXXXxx fixer, cricket tipper, IPL tipper, boss of NatWest, queen /king tipper eg.

Those who don’t have a Social Profile –

There are many tippers who can only be reached via What’s Up. If you ask them for their Facebook or Twitter ID, they will say that they don’t have one because they don’t like Facebook or Twitter.r.

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But the truth is different.

“They don’t have FB IDs because they are not a so called genius tipper.”

Those tippers who promote their tips in other WhatsApp groups or in other website post comments –

They don’t have enough sources to get punters so they use these cheap tricks to find some punters. always Beware of such fake tippers.

Using other names & Girls’ IDs.

False tippers often use the duplicate ids of famous tippers to gain fame.

90% of girls’ IDs are fake. When you are in contact with such women, you must block them.

Copy/Paster Tippers are fake. Tipsters who claim to play by unlimited limits are fake. 100% Fixed Tips Tippers are also fraud.

Guru Mantra of Fixed Cricket Betting Tips

Avoid betting on draws in test matches- I have made a calculation that tells me that only 20% of test matches will result in a draw in 2019. This percentage increases only in Bangladesh, where 60% of matches end in a draw.

If the partnership reaches a milestone, the partnership runs.

Suppose there are 20 overs in the match and the score is 90/0 after the first 10 overs. In such a scenario 80% of the players will not bat. So always bowl Lambi, especially if there was no wicket at the beginning of the innings.

Match Report, Match Scripts, and 100% Guarantee Predictions? – MY FOOT

The punter who believes all of this nonsense will never win in cricket betting. All these Match reports, scripts, and 100% Guarantee Predictions are tools for punters who themselves have lost money in cricket betting.

In betting, you should always be liquid, not solid.

If you cant follow this rule, you can never win in betting. When you are getting 70% profit on your stake, you should always cover your losses.

Finally, you should always play limit games, and you must never lose more than 20 PISAs.

Some Other Cricket Terms:-

Underdog: When a team is expected to lose a match, it’s called the underdog.

Value: Getting the most favorable possible odds on a bet.

Jackpot:- When a team of odds under 30 P won, it’s called Jackpot or Ghoda Ud Gaya.

As every body knows: You are the creator of your life. Surely The work you are doing today will define your tomorrow.

Don’t blame God or luck if you lose. Keep calm down and learn from your mistakes you have done.

This guide is only for 18+ where betting is legal.

If you have any queries related to Cricket Betting, Just Comment Below and we will guide you.

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